Protect Your Metal Surfaces with a Coat of Nyxote 7-11 Finish

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Often, metal objects and surfaces are used in situations where other materials might be damaged by corrosive substances. That’s not to say the metal used in place of plastic, rubber, wood, or other surfaces is indestructible. It may just take longer to corrode. Fortunately, applying a coat of Nycote® 7-11 to the metal surface will help to protect it even longer. This means the material won’t have to be replaced as often as might otherwise be necessary.
Just like any type of finish, Nycote® 7-11 comes in a liquid form and can be painted or sprayed onto the surface to be protected. Depending on the situation, it may be better to dip the object into the finish, which will coat it more thoroughly.
As a nylon coating for metal, Nycote® 7-11 can protect against the corrosion caused by fuels, oils and lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and salt water. The coating is additionally resistant to high impact abrasions and stays resilient yet flexible in temperatures ranging from -70°F to +300°F (-57°C to +149°C). Each canister of Nycote® 7-11 is good for a six-month shelf life and the container can be opened and resealed repeatedly within that period. This means the product can be used to coat a variety of surfaces over an extended period of time.
Nycote® 7-11 is a clear coating, so colored metals won’t lose their appeal, when the finish is applied. Additionally, it has been formulated to eliminate the presence of pinholes. This means you won’t have to worry about voids in the coating that might otherwise compromise its effectiveness. This results in an impassable barrier that cannot be duplicated by other products. When it comes to protecting metal surfaces, there is no better alternative.
Nycote® Laboratories was founded in 1956 and, since that time, has grown to become the leader in anti-corrosive technology. The development of their liquid nylon coating technology has been proven to protect against friction and conductivity, as well as protecting against corrosive chemical substances. For this reason, the products created and manufactured by Nycote® Laboratories has been successfully tested and used in the aerospace industry, as well as in many other industries.

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