Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important For Internet World

Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important For Internet World

Email marketing is without doubt one of the best prominent ways ecommerce store owners can drive sales. It’s one of the few marketing channels where you own your audience—they’ve already opted in to hear from you and it didn’t cost you to reach them. So it makes sense that email is a high priority for many new and growing online stores.You can visit for further information.

But it’s all too easy to forfeit email as an effective and profitable channel by sending uncompelling emails to the wrong people.

Great email marketing is timely, relevant, and personalized, so a good place to begin is understanding the core types of emails you can send to customers. By and large, there are three main categories of emails you can send:

  1. Transactional emails, which include receipts and other post-purchase updates
  2. Promotional emails, which include sales emails, new product announcements, and newsletters
  3. Lifecycle emails, which are based on a customer’s behavior (e.g. sending to customers who didn’t complete their purchase)

For anyone new to creating an email marketing strategy from the ground up, creating and optimizing all of these potential emails can feel overwhelmin.

But it’s important to remember that the emails you send mostly have the same working “parts”—a subject line and preheader, body content, visuals, a call to action, etc. By understanding a few tried-and-true best practices, you can start getting better results from (almost) every email you send.

Before-the-open elements that matter

Focusing solely on the body of a marketing email is a common mistake. The content of your email is important, but before any of your subscribers see it, you have to convince them to open your email in the first place.

Getting subscribers to open your email comes down to three big things:

  1. What you write in the subject line and preheader text
  2. When your email hits their inbox
  3. How you segment your subscriber list to send relevant emails to the right people


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