Recovering Data from a Formatted Drive

Hard-drives are the most common component that fails in a PC. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your precious holiday moments get disappeared because of a corrupt hard drive. They are more prone to corruption than politicians.

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Not only that, it is also easy to delete or format your drive when you are not paying attention. SD cards, hard drives, thumb drives are accidentally formatted every now and then. But fortunately, it is easy to recover data from a formatted drive.

What Happens During a Formatting?

When you format a drive, you are removing the address of the content and files from the directory temporarily. The files exist on the drive, they take up space but their addresses are not sent to the system. This formatted data will stay in the background as long as you don’t overwrite the drive. The drive will tell the system that it is open for storing new data. So you have a period in which you can try to save your drive.

If you accidentally format a drive, don’t freak out. Keep calm and try to not use the drive in any way. Unplug it. You only slim your chances of recovering your drive by using it more.

Take Some Precautions

Only you know the value of your drive’s data. You are responsible to save it from any disasters.

Here are some simple steps that you should always perform to make sure your data’s safety-

Take regular backups- it is simple, take backups on drives other than the main drive. You can also use RAID setups.

Monitor the drive health- keep a regular check on your hard drives physical health. Ensure it’s under the safe temperature and vibration limits.

Perform regular checks- use various tools built into OS to check the drive. It should give you some good insight on when and how the drive might fail.

Password Protect your drives- this is important if you have sensitive information on your drive. This will also prevent any accidental formatting.

Two Ways to Recover a Formatted Drive or Disk

If you are unlucky and you did end up with a formatted drive or disk then don’t fret. It can be still be saved. Avoid using the drive for and connect it externally.

1. Software Solutions

This is the most common way to recover data from a formatted drive. You can use readily available software to recover most basic data.

But the main problem is that most recovery software is not up to the mark and leaves a lot to be desired. Unless you don’t have a paid option, most software solutions will fail to do any trustworthy job. There are also some shady options that insert malware and serve ads making your situation even worse.

2. Data Recovery Services

This is the most trustworthy solution that will work without any fail. Unless your drive was a part of some nuclear warfare or blown to smithereens, there’s always a chance that a professional data recovery servicewill be able to recover your data.

They usually use far more sophisticated tools and logical options to save the drives. It makes more sense to pay a professional to handle such delicate and sensitive tasks than to a shady piece of software without any guarantee.

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