Road Rash: 10 Random Car Facts You Didn’t Know

There’s no denying the fact that cars are perhaps the most crucial parts of our lives. In fact, they’re like another pair of limbs for most of us, and without them, we’re quite handicapped.

However, as crucial as they may be, cars also come with certain drawbacks. They lead to road rage, climate problems, and other issues. Furthermore, just like our limbs, our cars are also extremely vulnerable. As such, you should always get car insurance to make sure that you really aren’t left handicapped should anything happen to your car.

Despite how important cars are to our lives, you’d be surprised about how little we actually know about them. As such, in this article, we’ve compiled 10 random car facts that you probably don’t know, but you probably should.

1. The 2017 World Car Awards determined that Jaguar F-PACE is the best car in the world. It won awards for World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year. As such, not only is it the best car but also the most beautiful.

2. The biggest car in the world is the Bagger 288 excavator, which was built by ThyssenKrupp, a German company. It’s not really a car, but rather a strip-mining machine and it can dig out 240,000 tons of coal daily.

3. You might already be aware that Tata Nano is an extremely cheap car. But it’s actually the world’s cheapest car at just Rs. 100000.

4. The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in the year 1904 for a vehicle that was driving at the breakneck speed of 12 miles an hour!

5. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise but 40% of all fatal road accidents involve alcohol consumption. So don’t drink and drive! Also, oftentimes accidents can happen not because you’re at fault but because the oncoming driver might be drunk. So regardless of how careful you are, you must always have car insurance.

6. Teens are far more likely to be killed or injured in car accidents. Every year, 300,000 teenagers are gravely injured and 5,000 are killed by cars.

7. Talking over the phone while driving increases risk of an accident by about 400 percent. So the next time an important call comes up while driving, either pull up the car somewhere safe or ignore it!

8. According to several researches, men are twice as likely to cause accidents as women.

9. According to a study conducted in the US, poor driving skills may be hereditary. The study found that children whose parents had been in over three accidents in the past five years were 22% more likely of being in an accident themselves while driving. While bad driving may not necessarily be hereditary, bad motor skills or habits can certainly be passed on.

10. Self-driving cars are fast becoming a reality and many companies will release their own models for public consumption by 2020. However, according to Boston Consulting Group, the autonomous vehicle industry will be worth $77 billion by 2035, which means it would have effectively taken over regular vehicles.

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