SabarinathWarrier scored 99.7% thrice in XAT Exam!! Know how?

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Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) has established itself as one ‘hard-nut-to-crack’ exam,conducted by XLRI Jamshedpurinone of the most desired courses- MBA. Aspirants often find themselves in a sphere of questions with no answers.

How to score in XAT? What is the exam pattern? How hard is it to score 90+ percentile? How to study? What to study? These are some of the most frequently asked questionsthat baffle the aspirants, who believe to have SabarinathWarrier as their inspiration.

XLRI has been conducting XAT for more than 60 years at all India level to admit potential future managers. More than 150 B-schools admit students on basis of XAT Score.

Nearly 90,000 students compete for 150 B-schools under XAT each year. Amongst these 90,000 was SabarinathWarrier, who scored 99.7 percentile for three consecutive years (2011-2013).

XAT has more often than not maintained its difficulty level to put its aspirants through a tough time. Also, from this year, XAT is changing its exam mode to online from Pen and Paper.

The most confusing question that pops up in the mind of the aspirants is how to study for XAT. Let’s refer some tips from Sabarinath himself. “Once you get hang of the Exam Pattern, you do not need much preparation,” said Sabarinath. Also, the basics need to be very strong to ace the exam, he added.

He believes that XAT is mostly about how you utilize the three hours,that is, to work in a smart way along with working hard. He focuses on Time Management in those three hours, as for how and which part to attempt first and which one to attempt last.

How to prepare for Verbal Ability?

According to Warrier, the candidate must possess good vocabulary as well as an ability to read fast for Verbal Ability section. He suggests that aspirants should learn a new word every day to enhance their vocabulary.

From his experience, he conveys that XAT is known for using lot more ‘language’ than the other B-School entrance tests.VA section consists of Reading comprehension, Fill in the blanks, analogies, usages, synonyms and antonyms.

How to Prepare for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation?

Major aspect he focuses on is Speed, the key point to aceQuantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section. He advises that an aspirant should have a speed of solving 90 problems in 2-2.5 hours. “Believe me, each one of those is a ten minute problem” he says.

Quant covers basic mathematics topics like LCM-HCF, Simple and Compound Interest, functions, Number System, Speed Distance Time, Geometry, Mensuration, Averages, Permutation & Combination. Whereas, for Data Interpretation section, questions are asked in the form of charts and graph.



How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning?

For Logical Reasoning part, he suggests that aspirant should make educated guesses, eliminate optionsand choose the one that has his/her gut in favour. To solve the questions in this section, the candidate has to apply step by step mathematical procedure to arrive at a conclusion.

The aspirant should focus on attempting as many questions as they can- “Make sure you’re attacking the test, not defending yourself in the examination hall” suggests Warrier.

Sabarinath states thatXAT has a reputation for being a tough exam, hence, aspiring candidates tend to panic. A little adrenalin rush is normal before any exam but the secret is to stay calm and be confident about your preparation for a successful attempt.

Above mentioned tips are some of the few points laid out by Warrier himself to help you attain a good score, as good as 90+ percentile.

General Tips for XAT

We’ve shared a few tips and tricks to help you in your journey to crack XAT:

  • Be aware of your strength and weaknesses: Preparing for XAT will smoothen if you have a list of what parts are your strengths and what comes under your weaknesses. It is advisable that candidates work on strengthening their weak points alongside polishing the strong ones.
  • Time Management: Managing your time during XAT is of utmost importance. Stating the obvious, Candidates need not spend excess time on one question. If you are stuck on it, move on to another. Focus on solving the parts that you excel in and later attend the ones that do not fall under your area of expertise.
  • Proper Plan: Preparation without a plan is pointless. Having a proper plan will help you develop a strategy to reach your goal. You need to make a proper plan and strategize your preparation techniques accordingly.
  • Practice makes a Man Perfect: Nothing is hard to achieve with practice. You need to put in your utmost effort in practicing every question possible of every section. Practice will not just improve accuracy but will also enhance the speed.
  • Proper Health: One needs to concentrate on their physical health alongside mental accuracy. Proper health will lead to proper concentration and will help you put in extra efforts in your preparation.
  • Categorizing XAT as most sought afterexam after CAT, last year trends and experts say that level of difficulty of this exam depends on the practice done by the candidate. XAT happens to be an easy deal if you move according to a strategy and prepare well. Quoting Sabarinath, “The thing about XAT is that everyone thinks it is difficult. And that’s exactly why it’s easy to crack”

A deal is as difficult as we make it. Practice hard using the preparation tips mentioned and acing Xaviers’ Aptitude Test will not be as difficult as it seems on the surface.

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