Signs You Were Wrongfully Terminated

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No one likes the idea of losing their job, even when they are sure they made a mistake. It is worse, however, to lose your job when you shouldn’t have. There are laws against being wrongfully terminated. If you think you may have been let go from your employment without a good reason, it is essential to contact a wrongful termination attorney Orlando FL, such as one found at

Recent Complaints Filed

One indication you may have been wrongfully terminated is that you had recently filed a complaint against a manager, the company or another employee. This complaint could have been about unlawful practices at work, public policy violations or sexual harassment. No matter what the complaint was about, it is a bad sign to be terminated shortly after you have done so.

New Contract Coming Up

Some employers will terminate employees when they have a new contract signing coming up. In some cases, this new contract could contain clauses about if or when a person is able to be terminated. Employers might try to fire workers hoping they are unaware of the protection they have against being terminated written in their contracts. Your employer might be held legally responsible for breaking some of the clauses written in your contract.

Being Treated Differently

Another sign you may have been wrongfully terminated is that you were being treated differently than other workers. If you find the reason you were fired was because of something in particular that other workers were not terminated for, it could be discrimination. A leading cause of wrongful termination is discrimination in the workplace.

It should be noted that not all employment relationships are considered “at-will”. This means that most employers are able to fire their employees for no real reason. However, if you have been fired for an unlawful reason, you could stand to get compensation for it. A reputable attorney will be able to speak with you about your particular case and advise you on the best course of action. They can give you a full list of legal actions available to you.

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