Six Reasons Adults Love Animated Films

Animation is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. And, it’s not just parents who love animations whether they are animated movies or snippets of animations included in films.

People of all ages enjoy stop-film photography. In fact, the original cartoons are linked to newspaper comic strips from the late 1800s. They have come a long way since then.
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Here are six reasons why adults love animation.

The Details are Fascinating

One highly-revered form of animation is whiteboard animation where sketches are created digitally on a Cintiq. After that, a green-screen hand is added.

The results are both polished and professional. Contemporary animation is quite dazzling.

You are taken to another world just by looking at your screen. Combining the drawings, with a story, makes for a visual feast. You’re not only enjoying the plot, but you’re also enjoying the artistic renderings as well.

You Can Get the Hidden Humor

As kids, we just want action and humor in a fun and captivating setting. We don’t pay as much attention to the minute details or variations of dialogue.

In fact, many of the jokes can go above our heads. Yet, take a look at the animated film Madagascar.

This is a family-friendly film. Yet, Marty the Zebra sometimes yells “sugar honey iced tea!” Most kids would think nothing of it.

Although, the first letter of each word spells out a term that would not be used in a G-rated picture. This is something that mostly only adults would catch.

We Can Buy as Much Merch as We Can Afford

As a kid, the amount of film merchandise you can buy really depends on the generosity of your parents. Oftentimes, it might be one or two items here and there.

That is, unless you’re the child of Daddy Warbucks–which, most of us weren’t.

So, you might pick the one item you want the most–which, is fine because your interests change quickly anyway. As an adult, well, you can buy as much merch as your budget will allow. Many adults love merch from various animated films such as the Lego movies or Despicable Me.

There is no shame, and it’s actually pretty cool. Go into any Hot Topic store, and you’ll find sections dedicated to various movies. And, of course, there is cosplay.

People spend thousands to attend conventions and dress up as their favorite animated characters. Nope, this isn’t child’s play.

We’re Taken Back to Our Childhood

There are some that say, “reality bites.” You get older and are expected to act mature, pay your bills on time, go to work, rinse and repeat. Oh, the monotony of it all.

Yet, so many of us are still kids at heart. We long for the carefree and whimsical days of childhood. We didn’t have to worry about bills and loans.

Plus, naptime was a requirement. There are the wonder-filled days where everything feels bright, shiny and new. Furthermore, we were expected to enjoy animated films.

No one told us to act our own age and watch boring documentaries. As the saying goes, age is nothing but a number. And, childlike wonder is attractive at any age.

The Movies Look Like Art

Watching animated films is similar to playing our video games. And, as adults, we can appreciate the intrinsic art work.

Whether they are ghoulish characters that steal our hearts such as those in The Nightmare Before Christmas or the enthralling nature of The Lego Batman Movie. There is a kid in us all.

The Morals Make Us Feel Warm and Fuzzy

There is a fair amount of violence and nefarious activity in our modern world. Sometimes, it’s nice to escape with a family-friendly movie that warms your heart and gives you hope.

Animated films often evoke that very feeling.

Final Thought

Animated films are fabulous. Being an adult doesn’t mean we have to stop watching films that taught us how to treat others and be ourselves.

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