Email Drip Campaigns


Do you still send email manually to the recipients? Well, have you ever thought of how much time you spend in vain? You already need an automation tool that will send the emails to the recipients automatically.

Such tools are simple and great. Once you’ve created an email campaign, it is sent automatically to people and you don’t have to set countless reminders to recall you of another sending.

In this article, we will guide you on how to boost your business with the help of Email drip Campaigns by Let us get straight to the point.

Drip Campaigns is one of the tools offered by Snovio. With their help, you can spend an hour or even less on building an email campaign and go on vacation. Or simply have a rest. Or do some other work. Every next email is sent without your participation.

So, to create personalized triggered email campaigns, you have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Sign Up. The pricing is pretty low starting at $29 only. But the best thing is their freemium. So, you can first try the platform and only then pay for it.
  2. Set custom email sequences. Give the name to the campaign and choose the email address from which the campaign will be sent. Set to which email addresses the emails are not to be sent (either unverified or catch-all emails) and to which addresses to send emails (either the first email or all, in the case the recipient has got a few of them).
  3. Start the email campaign creation process. Choose the list of prospects if you have some of them. If you still have none, you can find emails of people on any webpage.
  4. Create an email sequence. In the email builder, you can design personalized emails and attach files (up to 3MB). If you upload your own list of prospects with custom fields, you can use them in the email as well. The email subject line can be personalized as well.
  5. Set the triggers and delays. For both of them, there are two options. For triggers: The clients opened the email and The client clicked the link. For Delay option: wait up to N hours or days. Choose the best trigger that you think will be fruitful for a campaign.
  6. Define the goals. Depending on the success of the email campaign, you can set different goals. This way, you will see which next email campaign is going to be sent to this or that recipient.
  7. Connect the elements with a line. To make the email sequence work and be sent, you need to draw a line between two logical elements.
  8. Launch the campaign and follow the statistics. When the campaign is on the go already, you can see detailed information on every sent email or every recipient: how many times the email was sent, how many time the email was opened and the link was clicked, etc.


Email drip campaigns is a solution for busy people and those who value their time and don’t want to spend it in vain. Numerous tools on the web can help anyone to save time.

We would recommend you to use Snovio Email Drip Campaigns tool to boost your business. If you have any queries, let us know by commenting below.

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