Style your home, great tips for home style

Your home is the most important place in your life; your family needs a place where they will love and enjoy. It’s their haven and a place where everyone draws their power after an excruciating day out at the work. That is why you must pay keen attention and give that place an exquisite and memorable touch. This is can be achieved through the rustic wood flooring. It is one of the interior design trends that have stood the test of time; it appeals to the emotions and connects you to the past while creating nostalgia for comfort.

Following are some of the tips you need to make your home a haven using rustic wood.

Rustic hardwood floors

For a design to be appealing and long lasting, it has to be authentic. Here you may decide to use solid hardwood from other finishing installations or even the one-finished using stains. Color washes and such. A timber specialist will be in a position to scour every part of the country to bring you the best of rustic wood there is. They’ll give you bespoke services and help you track down the specific color, shade, style and those vintage picture frames that you’re looking for.  Although this kind of flooring comes at a cost, you will love its uniqueness. However, you need to look for showrooms and manufacturers who will offer equally quality services and are less pricey. You need to look for wood with a variety of character marks and wide planks, wood with distinct wormholes and knots. There all kinds of shades to choose from and that is why you need to take advantage of a reliable wood flooring showroom where there are timber and floor experts who will guide you to achieve the aesthetics you need.

Engineered hardwood flooring

The practical versatility of the modern design is perfectly juxtaposed with the aesthetic appeal of the old to make a product that is creatively unique. Several ply layers make engineered hardwood and these are bonded together by the atmospheric conditions and therefore more stable and not affected by high moisture levels that lead to expansion and contraction during the moments of heat and cold. Therefore, this is the most versatile material to ever use for your floor. The top layer of this engineered wood is made of the premium wood and just like the solid wood; it can be finished to give equally the same aesthetic feel. The beauty of this engineered wood is that it comes at a far less cost compared to the solid wood, and therefore affordable.


Rustic luxury vinyl wood

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is increasingly becoming popular; it’s a hi-tech alternative to laminate. Unlike the previous vinyl imitations, this one comes with its touch of authenticity; it is actually a great example of the many developments that have happened in the world of technology. The wood planks are carefully fixed on the floor and faithfully replicate the real contours of wood and grain. You can get all these Interior design ideas from the showroom where you have all kinds of experts you can ever wish for.

Your home has no style without a wooden floor finish, especially on flooring. You, therefore, must be deliberate on aesthetics, which are found in classical design that is what rustic wood gives you.


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