How to Tell Google Apart From Alphabet

Did you know that Google doesn’t actually work on driverless cars? That’s right. In fact, that’s technically an Alphabet project. Alpha-who? you might ask. Well, when Google underwent a big corporate restructuring last year, it spun off a number of its experimental projects into separate companies. Then it put all those companies, including Google, under […]

Google, Lenovo Unveil First Project Tango Smartphone at CES 2016

Google and Lenovo in collaboration announced their first consumer-targeted product with Project Tango technology at the ongoing CES 2016 trade show – smartphone. The Chinese tech firm plans to launch the smartphone “this summer” with a “less than $500” price tag. Lenovo demonstrated some applications of Project Tango at its joint event, showcasing the indoor […]

Facebook and Google are fighting it out in Indian villages for the ultimate internet supremacy

Two of the world’s largest internet companies, Google and Facebook, are fighting for internet supremacy in Indian villages.  On Dec. 16, Google CEO Sundar Pichai—on his first overseas visit as the new head of the search giant—addressed a packed ballroom in Delhi. Dressed in a casual grey shirt and jeans, the Indian Institute of Technology […]