Team Bonding: How Important Is It?

Team building doesn’t have the best reputation. Many companies consider it to be low priority and do not set aside time for it. However, team building is not only important, it is essential for a positive work environment. Team bonding builds trust, forms an open line of communication, helps resolve conflict, encourages everyone to get to know each other, and produces an overall happier workplace.

So why are these qualities so important? Simply put, happy employees are productive employees. When people are comfortable with one another and get along, they tend to work better together and create more positive outcomes. Company culture is a very relevant and important trend in the business world so it’s important to take the time to build, create, and uphold this identity throughout the workplace. Keep reading to learn more about how you can help promote team bonding in the office.

Team Lunches

Team lunches are an easy way for employees to get to know each other in a relaxed setting while enjoying good food. Some companies schedule weekly luncheons which are agreed upon by the entire team. This gives employees a chance to hang out and talk to each other outside of the workplace. These lunches are not the same as typical work lunches because they do not involve discussing work-related issues, they are purely a time to enjoy each other’s company.

Although team lunches can be a bit more difficult for large companies, it is critical to encourage the individuals who work together regularly to attend weekly lunches so they can improve their working communication and creativity.

Consider a “Mega Desk”

Working in close quarters can actually be beneficial for small companies. A digital marketing agency in Phoenix works entirely at a “mega desk”. This makes it easy for employees to ask each other questions, get feedback, and maintain a tighter bond.

Happy Hour, Because It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Having a team happy hour is also a great way to bond and blow off some steam after work. It doesn’t have to include alcohol either! Delicious food and fun activities are a great way to get employees together.

Company Retreat Activities

A little friendly competition can help bring employees out of their shells. Using a half day for a jenga tournament, or even taking the whole team rock climbing, can create the perfect atmosphere for people to have fun while getting to know each other.

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