The basics of B2B Marketing?

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The 21st century saw the rise of technology and man’s dependency on it. Literally, society would crumble should all of technology disappear all of a sudden. Technology has made the life of the modern man way easier than our predecessors. Unfortunately, it has also created problems in our daily life. One problem that has arisen due to the digital revolution is in the sales and marketing team, specifically in the field of B2B (business to business).

Majority of the population has an internet connection and can search for any information they want. People use the internet for everything so much so that it made an impact on their daily lives to the extent that the survival of businesses today relies on brand relationship building, brand advertising, inbound marketing leads etc.

In the age of e-commerce, B2B organisations are losing out big time. Thankfully, there are still ways for them to compete. Below is a short guide for your SMB (Small to Medium Business)to enjoy the benefits from.

You Want Your Business To Be Found

1. A Website: Your Kingdom

It is common knowledge that for a business to thrive, they must have a website — the online counterpart to their brick-and-mortar store. However, just having a website is not enough. It must be properly responsive and aesthetically pleasing. Having a website boosts your credibility and establishes your authority over your industry. This also gives you access to a whole untapped market outside your local area.

Websites can establish your communication with your clients, share your brand’s story, and connect you with prospective clients. Ensuring that visitors of your website have good UX (user experience) increases your conversion rate.

2. Content: Tell us about you, what’s your story?

It’s vital for companies to convey what they are about especially in branding terms. Your branding message is just as important as the quality of your product or service. Having engaging content on your website such as blogs, videos, infographics, etc., boosts your visitor’s UX. Explore different mediums of content to engage your audience and transform them into customers. Migrate some of your content to various social media platforms. Everyone has a social media account now and your story deserves to be heard!

3. The Basics of Search: SMBs Appreciate the value of SEO

One of the best things that can happen to your website is to be on top of the search page of Google. Let’s face it. No one really goes to the second page anymore. The way to bring your website on top is by Search Engine Optimisation. This process will require a flow of quality and relevant content. Utilising social media platforms to advertise your business also boosts your authority and more importantly, visibility. Most companies think that social media platforms are not important but they do not understand how beneficial it is for their companies.

4. Pay Attention And Listen

Do some research on your target demographic — figure out your audience and their online behaviour. The great thing about the internet is that it now tracks their online behaviour. One thing you have to know is that there will be some competition on social media now. Keep an eye not only on your audience but also your competitors. Get insights on what their campaigns are and if it is working. In a nutshell, take notes of what they’re doing and do something better.

Being Seen

5. Social Media Platforms: Connect With Everybody

As we’ve established above, use social media platforms. It would be crazy to miss out on such a golden opportunity. It is cheap if not free, way to increase your brand visibility and awareness on your audience. Once you have established your targeted audience and their online behaviour, create content geared towards them.

6. Advertising & Paid Media

Advertise on social media. For just a few dollars a day, you can ensure that your audience is engaged and see your great content. Everyone has a social media account and on their free time, they just scroll through their feeds. Occupying a space in their feed can get your name stuck in their mind when they look for your service or product. Invest in an ad that leads people to a landing page on your website.

7. Recycling Content

Don’t forget about any of the content that you have previously created. As long as it is useful and relevant, use it again! This increases your visibility and ensures that you don’t have to create content all the time. Republish on a different platform or revamp your article.

8. Social selling

Selling personally on social media is so much better than spamming your audience with emails. People are constantly bombarded by advertisements and we have all developed a tolerance over it. Studies say that we see over 5, 000 advertisements through the course of one day. A more personal experience also increases the chances of conversion. After all, a subtle conversation with a concerned person is better than a pushy salesman

Reach out and make it easier for your audience to hear you

9. Build Relationships

Stay in touch. A loyal customer is the best customer. They regularly return and spreads the word about your business. By providing quality products and services, you give people a reason to return and talk about you. You can offer an email subscription where they can subscribe to a newsletter platform. This allows you to distribute your other content to their emails and acts as a notification to your clients with sales and other promotions.

10. Be engaged in conversations with your audience. Talk to them!

Talk to your customers and establish a personal relationship. Digital marketing has become dependent on customer experience and one-to-one conversations. The more you make an impact with your customers, the higher the chances of them returning and becoming a loyal customer. In summary, you should consider other factors to satisfy your customers. We guarantee that this is worth it as consumer behaviour is reliant on referrals, which creates a domino effect.

The digital business is very competitive. One wrong step and you could lose more business than ever. On the other hand, however, it will open so many opportunities for you that it is worth the risk. The field has already been levelled by us. Now it’s your time to make your move.

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