The Most Interesting New Gadgets in 2019

New Gadgets in 2019


Don’t you think we are only a couple of steps away from transforming into cyborgs? It doesn’t seem like a distant idea anymore. How cool would it be to upload your consciousness to the cloud! It looks like we are getting closer to this futuristic idea. Meanwhile, gadgets are becoming more efficient and internet plans like Frontier bundles are offering blazing speeds. Everything related to technology is becoming better in performance, speed, and specs.

At the CES convention, we witnessed some mind-blowing and futuristic gadgets. They literally wowed us. To an extent that we wanted to get our hands on some of them immediately. Unfortunately, most of them are a concept yet. But we are hoping to get them out soon. We are going to mention the best ones in this blog post. Make sure you get your favorite ones.

LG Signature OLED TV R9
Television has to be on our list. And this television is actually rolled up! LG flaunted its brand new OLED TV. It has a screen that can stretch up to 65 inches and rolls into a compact box. It is scheduled to be launched in the second half of the year 2019. The price is not disclosed yet. But it sure seems like a promising TV-watching experience. The 4K HDR technology makes this Smart TV stand out. It also had Alexa and Google Assistant. It boasts of a decluttered view. And the rolling-up screen is a thing to witness!

Gillette’s Heated Razor
We all know about Gillette. Its innovation branch has debuted a heated razor for a campaign last year. It became wildly popular. It was a razor that mimicked the barbershop treatment. And that too, without any blade sounds and perfect smoothness. It takes less than a second to heat up to as much as 122 degrees. It warms up skin and soap for a pleasant, upgraded shave. Heated razors by Gillette will be available for use this year.

Withings Move (Activity Tracking Watch)
Withings has launched a new smartwatch. It’s called Withings Move. It monitors your activity as well as your sleep. It comes with a GPS tracker that syncs the app called Heath Mate. It is quite affordable. Its battery life is surprisingly incredible. It lasts for more than 18 months and doesn’t require a battery charge. It comes with an understated and timeless design and analog clock face. They have announced the shipment to be operational by February 2019. So, you can hope to get your hands on one sometime soon.

LiveWire Motorcycle by Harley-Davidson
Who doesn’t love Harley-Davidson bikes? The company stirred a thrill last year when it gave a preview of its completely electric motorcycle. It’s called LiveWire. Harley announced the price and delivery date at the CES convention. We get to ride it in August 2019. This bike targets a particular demographic of bike riders. And that’s the one that appreciates quiet machines and a smooth run. It’s perfect for no-noise urban street riding. Another interesting fact is that it’s not manual. That means there is no clutch and gear shifting to increase race. We call such a drive hassle-free! We are welcoming this as the first one in the new generation of motorcycles. And it is one of those machines we really want to get our hands on as soon as possible.

MoodoGo, a Portable Diffuser
Smart technology has taken a step ahead and brought us personalized aroma diffusers. They come with four scent capsules which are interchangeable. Moodo had already launched one for households. Now they have introduced a device called MoodoGo. As the name indicates, it is convenient to cart around. All you need is a USB power supply and it will start dispensing those fragrances. However, it only has a single scent capsule. It is a perfect gadget for cars, cramped workplaces, and so on. It was scheduled to launch in January 2019.

Light Mixed Reality Glasses by Nreal
Mixed reality glasses came as an interesting concept. It features overlaying the real world with virtual content. A Chinese start-up called Nreal showcased a pair of normal looking glasses at the CES. They look like a pair of glasses that you would wear on a street. But they are not like your usual glasses. These light glasses offer an immersive experience. You can experience voice control, spatial sound, and a widescreen 1080p display. There are no bulky headsets. All those who are interested in mixed reality, it is a must-have gadget-accessory for you!

Mophie Juice Pack Access
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we live in the age of iPhones. Most of the people you know own an iPhone. One of the most practical and useful gadgets showcased at the CES was Mophie Juice Pack Access. It is a charging case for iPhones. It is portable and doesn’t cover or use the Lightning port. That means you don’t have to keep your iPhone aside to charge it. You can charge it even when you are listening to your air pods. It has long battery life and is compatible with XS Max, XS, X, and XR.

With so many updated gadgets, it would be a good idea to upgrade you FiOS Internet Service package too. After all, you need good internet speed to enjoy these gadgets!

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