The Perfect Checklist for Kids’ Birthday Party

Many parents are usually overwhelmed when it’s time to plan their children’s birthday parties. Designing a reasonable budget is the first step to track your spending. You need to start the process early as many things are involved. It’s impossible to handle everything by yourself, so ask for help. Without wasting time, here are the essential things to note when organizing your little one’s birthday party.

·        Theme

Let your child be around when choosing the theme for the party. Chances are s/he has a favorite cartoon or superhero character. Taking this approach will ensure that you won’t change plans frequently. Be ready to get matching costumes, accessories and decoration for the specific theme you choose.

·        Location

Selecting the right location is one of the important factors that must not be overlooked. It should be easily accessible for your guests and can support your theme without any hassle. Endeavor to book the venue in advance and ask for recommendations from people you trust.

·        Invitations

As you design the invitation cards, request for the class list from your child’s school if his/her classmates will be invited. Check the dates of other pending parties and holidays before fixing a date. Try as much as possible to send out invitation cards at least 3 weeks in advance.

·        Menu

Inasmuch as you and your child have already settled for a theme, foods and drinks should be complementary. You can check certain websites or social media platforms like Pinterest for cool menu ideas. Remember to make provisions for people with special dietary needs too. Include a wide variety of drinks that can appeal to different set of people. In case you’re planning to purchase the cake online, place an order two weeks before the D-day.

·        Entertainment

Almost all kids love fun and adventure. In view of this, you need to provide ample entertainment in different forms like activities, games, music, magicians, face painters and clowns. You can be rest assured that there won’t be a boring moment with these elements. Get in touch with the vendors that will handle different aspects regularly to know if they will be coming.

·        Party Supplies

Create a list of all supplies such as balloons, confetti, yard signs, decoration materials, game supplies and goody bags. Write down each item as soon as you remember it so that you won’t forget anything. There are tons of apps that can come in handy for managing this task efficiently. Start buying supplies online or offline to reduce stress and cost. You can even decide to borrow, rent or make some of the things yourself.

Favor Bags

Goody bags can make your party memorable. They don’t have to be expensive to create a lasting impression. Some of the things that they often contain include chocolate bars, bubble blowers, bath toys and foam balls. Arrange them few days to the party.

·        Customized Thank You Notes

What better way to appreciate your guests after the party than thank you notes? Personalizing it can even make them to feel special and loved.

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