The right ways to install types of air conditioners!

The right ways to install types of air conditioners!

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Temperatures above 104°F are no longer uncommon for us, especially in the cities, where house facades and streets heat up and store heat. At this moment air conditioning system is truly a welcoming thought. So, if you have setup your mind to install an air conditioning system this summer, here are some valuable information we bring for you. However, you should know that air conditioners need periodical maintenance, as well as professional installation. It would be better if you hire a professional team, such as AMC Air Con to do the job at an affordable price.

The window AC – quick solution

The mobile air conditioning systems are compact, practical and can be set up without great effort wherever things get too hot for personal wellbeing. Such systems absorb indoor warm air, cool it down and then release it back into the room. The warm air is discharged outside via a hose, either through a hole in the house wall or through a tilted window. The window gap for the exhaust air hose can hardly be properly sealed, and more warm air can get inside. This not only reduces the cooling performance, but also increases power consumption. Air conditioning systems should always be installed by experts so that everything works as desired.

The split device – the permanently installed solution

Split units consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit and are considered more efficient than their mobile relatives. So they are also suitable for larger rooms and longer operation. The hot and humid air is absorbed through the inner part, cooled down outside and distributed again in the room. The heat is dissipated to the outdoor unit via the coolant. Split units consume less electricity, cool better and are quieter. Besides, split devices are many times more expensive than the mobile versions. It also needs a periodical maintenance. It is suggested to hire AMC Air Con services when it comes to maintenance and installation of a split AC device.

Are air conditioners actually unhealthy?

In the warmest regions of the world, people often catch colds. It is because the air conditioning systems in hotels, shops and taxis are often set to temperatures at which penguins would feel very comfortable. If you overdo it with cooling, you risk a cold shock. In order not to turn an air conditioning system into a cold trap, the difference between the set temperature and the outside temperature should not be more than 41°F. Air conditioning systems are notorious for throwing bacilli. However, this only applies if the device and air filter are not cleaned regularly.

Diet for electricity guzzlers

Running an air conditioning system uses electricity. An average room air conditioner can consume as much electricity per month in summer as a fridge-freezer combination in the whole year. You should therefore pay attention to the efficiency class of the device when buying it. There are currently seven ratings from A +++ to D. The easiest way to save on electricity bill is not to let the heat get into the room in the first place, maintain an ON-OFF ratio and do periodical maintenance.


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