Things to consider when buying a domain

Building a website is such a difficult endeavor, which involves some good investment of time and money. Owing to that fact, you may be tempted to pick any name for your domain. However, the truth is your choice of a domain can make or break your business. This is the first thing that your site visitors will see and thus to beat the competition, the name should be simple, catchy and easy to stick. You need a name that your viewers can remember you for and that’s why you cannot just go for any name.

In this article, you get to learn a few things you need to consider when choosing a domain name for your company website.

Think about your brand

Are you looking for a unique domain and don’t want to overuse keywords? Keywords help in SEO and traffic generation but it is a bad idea to stuff your domain with them. For instance; if you are selling French fries, don’t buy It’d blend with any other French fries selling company and you may not get recognized. Use the thesaurus and get unique and brandable words, try some translation app; history, mythology and pop culture are some perfect references for you.

Ensure your domain is easy to pronounce

You need a domain that will roll off the tongue easily. It should be easy for the site visitors to locate your name and spell properly when searching for your website. If you have a difficult name, be sure that customers may miss you due to miss spelling on their browser. When you have come up with a name, ask a few people to spell it. If it is difficult for them to spell it, then you may need to work on your idea.

Make the domain name short

The domain name should be snappy and easily memorable. Consider some of the top websites like Google, Yahoo, Twitter and such; these have six to seven characters in their name. The shorter the domain name, the easier it is for prospects to find you. Yeah, you may not get that three-letter word domain at this point in the history of the internet but working around a domain name of not more than ten, characters would be realistic. There are reliable companies with domains for sale and these can help you get the most appropriate name.

Always go with

Some while ago, domains extensions existed to indicate the purpose of your website. Then, .org and .com meant different things. However, today, with an exception of ‘edu’ and ‘gov’ nobody cares what domain level you use. That means you only need to go with the most common and recognizable one and that is- .com and that is what people will automatically assume your TLD is. Thus, unless under instructions, .com would perfectly serve the purpose.

Check for trademarks

As obvious as it may sound, it’s worth mentioning owing to the fact that infringement on the same can be frustrating and costly. Do your research and ensure the name you choose is unique. You can simply Google to see whether a competitor has used the name.

Domains are key in enhancing your visibility and therefore the choice of the name would determine how easy it would be for prospects to locate and buy from you- choose wisely!


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