Things To Know Before Buying a Used Car

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Used cars happen to be a brilliant deal for buyers in terms of both quality and cost. But, purchasing a used car is not that easy as buying a new car. There are so many things that you must consider before buying used car and these aspects require a lot of effort and time. A good deal does not only mean getting the reduced bargain on the selected used car, but purchasing it in the perfect condition with proper documentation at the reasonable prices. Doing a little research prior to buying a second-hand or used car can save you from headaches, helps in making an informed decision, and getting a great deal.

Here are a few things you must consider while purchasing a used car –

Who Is The Owner Of A Car?

In India, a used car may be purchased from 3 parties – a person, the franchised pre-owned dealer, or a used car broker.

Buying it directly from the individual seller may seem easier, but don’t consider just the face value even perform detailed research.

User car brokers help with faster closing of a deal, but don’t forget to check necessary facts and bargain.

The organized pre-owned dealers are costlier than the other two options, but you will have immense peace of mind with them as they offer professionally-inspected cars with transparent documentation, good warranty, and additional service package.


Properly check the car’s engine with the help of a mechanic to ensure its good working condition. Look for the service records, visible oil leaks, low or dirty oil level, performance mods, timing belt, etc to identify the signs of an engine problem.


Evaluate the history report of a car to know about its ownership, commercial record, title status, and service log. VIN of a car helps in getting this report.


Before shopping for a used car, set the budget you can easily invest with keeping a little space for stretching. Keep in mind the finance and loan options with interest rates to ensure that buying used car will not cost you financially or emotionally.


Pick a car that has been properly and completely maintained so that you would not have to spend further to recover maintenance issues.

Test Drive

Take the preferred car for a test drive to identify how does it run on the road and find obvious issues. Check mileage recorder, steering wheel, speedometer, engine, and your comfort level while driving a car.

Paper Work

Once you are satisfied with the mileage, engine, interior, exterior, and other features of a car, you must check the documentation or registration papers. It includes car insurance, a valid PUC (Pollution Under Control), tax tokens, RC book, owner’s manual, purchase invoice, NOC, and service book.

When you are sure that a specific car perfectly matches the specifications and features you wish in a car you want to buy, make a deal and bring a car at your home.

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