Tips for Choosing a Pressure Washing Contractor

Congratulations, your new deck, paved patio and other house construction work is done. An amount of time has passed. The decks, driveways, and the patios are all dirty and gunky with dirt and debris. Your average house cleaning won’t cut it anymore. You need to hire a pressure washing contractor, a contractor with a clean service record.

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Choosing a right pressure washing contractor is not an easy job. You will have to take some time out and do some research. But it is worthwhile as it is not every day that you will need the help of the professionals.

Here are 5 tips that will help you while choosing a pressure washing contractor –

Check some References

Just like every contractor hiring research, you should start out by collecting some references. You can start by asking within your networks like your friends or relatives and extend the research to your neighbors and community members.

They will give you a lot of details, way more than any online source. You can also personally check their work if they had it recently. Later on, you can start consulting online directories.

Insurance is Necessary

Insurance is necessary. Every reliable pressure washing contractor will carry it. It should include liability and workers’ compensation.

You are paying someone to spray a powerful jet of water over your house or building. If somehow that water seeps into one of the electrical connections, then you are in big trouble. There are many power washing horror stories out there on the internet. You don’t want to be a part of them.

Experience is Necessary

You may think that why would you need a professional power washer when you can give your neighbor’s son, Jimmy, a buck and get it done. The thing is, Jimmy neither has the expertise and equipment to clean the mold on the siding, and he does not know that different materials require different pressure heads. He can’t even spell the word detergent right.

Power cleaning is a job that requires experience in handling the requirements of various surfaces. No two surfaces are alike and an inexperienced cleaning house cannot help you in that matter. Stick to the seasoned contractors.

Technology is Important

Every item has different cleaning requirements. If your cleaning project is big, then you will need a contractor that has the technology and equipment to match it. There is a difference between consumer grade and professional grade cleaning equipment.

Not all contractors carry the equipment or the inventory to tackle bigger projects. When meeting the contractor, make sure that you tell him what the requirements are and make sure he has the capability to finish it on time.

Make Sure Chemicals and Guarantees Fit

The chemicals the contractor will use can make a large difference. The contractor should have a large stock of varying detergents and chemicals. The chemical used for mold cleaning of the siding may have an adverse effect on the wooden deck. Using the wrong chemical can leave you with undesired results.

To make sure you are safe from such disasters, always insist on guarantees. You want a written contract that will tell you what is covered and if any problem arises, how it will be solved or compensated for. You don’t want to take a chance.

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