Tips For Horse Stables That You Must Know

Just like you need a comfortable home to rest after your busy day, our friends, Equus caballus, also needs one. This home can be as elaborate as your imagination can make it. But most of the times, all you actually need for the horse are just a place for it to get out of the weather, include a place to store the tack and the horse feed.

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The simple logic is this – the stable you build needs to be as much of a home for them as your own house is for you. Building a stable is easy, the hard part is building a stable that is comfortable and functional. A stable designed with proper design and planning will keep your horses healthy and happy.

While you can always build a stable on your own, contacting a horse stable builder is another option that you can consider. Here are tips that you should know to build that perfect horse stable-

Types Of Horse Stable

There are two main types of stables, traditional stabling, and barn stabling.

Traditional Stables – This is where there is either a single stable or several stables next to each other, each one with a stable door that opens out directly onto an open yard.

Barn Stabling – This is where several horses are all housed under one roof in individual units.

If you have a small number of horses, you can go for the traditional stables. For bigger numbers, usually in farms, you can opt for barn stables.

The height of the Stable

Horses need space. You can build a tall shed but usually, the recommended minimum height of the stable is between 9 and 11 feet, with a minimum of 3ft clearance of the roof.

You should use plenty of mesh at the top area to allow ventilation and lighting. Also, include a lot of see-through ports so that the horses can see each other. This helps to keep them calm.

Doors To Be Used

You have two major options when it comes to stable doors. There are sliding doors and there are swinging doors. Both of these have their own pros and cons. Sliding doors are compact but require cleaning and maintenance for their smooth working. Swinging doors take up much more space but are of fit-and-forget type.

The doors should be at least 1.2 meters wide and the latches should not undo easily. Horses are intelligent, if they realize they can undo the locks easily, they will not shy away. Keep them easy to unlock but not so lose that horses can have a try at it.


The flooring should be cost-effective and comfortable – both at the same time. You mainly want a non-skid and durable floor which does not retain odor and is easy to clean. You can also use mats as they are easier to manage than fixed floors. The only requirement is a flat base.

One of the best flooring option is interlocking rubber brick because it is soft, recycled, durable, drains well and looks good.

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