Tips to Maximize Square Footage through Architecture

The best way to maximize the square footage of your house is to use each and every corner of your place. An expert architecture can help you in designing a place, which suits your needs and does not leave any space of the house unnoticed. In today’s world acquiring a large space in big cities is arduous. The ever increasing rates of property in the market have led to the transformation of condos into family homes. Therefore, obtaining maximum benefit of the available space and building an alluring and functional home from it has become important. Here are a few tips to help you maximize square footage of your house through architecture.

  • Optical illusion

Using mirrors is a great cost-effective method of creating visual effects and illusions of a large space. Placing mirrors at the right spaces makes the area larger and also brighter by reflecting light.

  • Create movable walls

Full-height sliding doors are very beneficial in creating separate, flexible spaces for sleeping and living. An open playing area can be easily converted to a guest room using such sliding doors and a pull-down bed.

  • Build a balcony

This may seem a costly affair but it can help you in creating a micro outdoor space, providing a fresh air and a connection to the outdoors. To build this Juliet balcony you need a large sliding door with a small railing on the face of the building. They work best for an upper story apartment.

  • Scale down furniture

Excessive furniture gives a claustrophobic look to your house. Eliminate the unnecessary furniture in your house to increase the square footage area. Use floating desk and wall-mounted shelves over large workstations and voluminous bookshelves.

  • Use subtle paint

Your home will look larger if you use lighter colors for painting. Dark colors make the room dull and smaller.

  • Shelves under the stairs

This idea can save a lot of space and look visually excellent. This interior design idea gives your house uniqueness and also maximizes square footage. As you can store a lot on these shelves and they are built in the area which was earlier a waste.

  • Intelligent storage

Do not rely upon big furniture for storage of your material. Use pantries or floating cabinets, shelves that won’t cover up your floor space and help in maximizing the square footage of your area.

  • Taller ceilings

A tall ceiling helps in making the rooms look larger and spacious. If possible either build tall ceilings or create an illusion by painting a picture line and then coloring the wall above the line lighter than the wall below the line.

  • Link spaces visually

Using same paint colors, fixtures and material in adjoining rooms create a visual sense of connectivity and makes each room look larger and spacious.

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