Top 10 Tips to avoid Bike Insurance Claim Rejection

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It is believed that the chances of a bike insurance claim being rejected are high. However, if certain simple measures are taken, there are chances that your insurer might not reject your claim. Here are top 10 tips to avoid bike insurance claim rejection.

Tips to avoid Bike Insurance Claim Rejection

#1 Don’t delay in filing the claim

Every insurer has set a time limit within which the policyholder needs to file a claim after the occurrence of an unfortunate event. If you do not file the claim within the stipulated time, there are high chances that your claim will get rejected. In cases where the owner is severely injured, some insurers do offer some flexibility on the time limit.

#2 Fill the claim form duly

The claim form is the first official communication you will submit which will help you raise a claim. Any kind of misinformation may lead to your claim being rejected. Fill the claim form in block letters with correct information. In case of any mistakes on the claim form, get in touch with your insurer and request changes.

#3 Reveal correct information to your insurer

It is important to reveal correct information to your insurer while raising a claim. If your side of the story is found to be flawed or inaccurate, there are chances that your claim might get rejected. Simply tell the truth to your insurer. If you are at fault in an accident, the third party affected by the accident will be fairly compensated under your insurance policy.

#4 File the first information report

In case of accidents, filing the First Information Report (FIR) with the police is very important. It gives the officials an opportunity to assess the situation and provide a detailed report of the accident. The absence of a valid FIR may lead to claim rejection.

#5 Collect enough proofs of the accident

The very first thing to do if you are involved in an accident is to check for injuries and get medical help. When you are sure that no further medical attention is required, click pictures of the accident spot. This will help your insurer get a decent overall picture of the entire accident. With enough proofs or eye-witnesses, the chances of your claim being honored increase.

#6 Avoid Carelessness at all times

One of the major reasons for a motorbike insurance claim being rejected is not taking enough care of the bike at all times.

For example, consider you parked your bike on the edge of a road with heavy traffic. A car hits your bike as the driver was trying to drive through the narrow space on the edge of the road and did not see your bike until the last moment. You raise a claim against your comprehensive bike insurance policy as your bike was severely damaged in the accident.

In the above example, there are high chances of the claim being rejected on the grounds of carelessness. As the accident may not have happened if you had avoided parking on such a busy road.

#7 Carry valid documents while driving

It is very important to carry the necessary documents while riding your bike. These documents include – Registration Certificate (RC) of the bike, Driving License, Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate and motorbike insurance. Not carrying the valid documents at the time of the accident will result in claim rejection.

#8 Maintain your bike regularly

Maintaining the road-worthiness of your bike is important when it comes to bike insurance claims. If your insurer finds out that the bike was not in a drivable condition at the time of the accident, the claim is bound to get rejected.

#9 Do not drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is a criminal offense in India. If an accident was a result of the rider being drunk, the claim will be rejected without any question. The rider may also face imprisonment and heavy fines when found driving in an intoxicated state.

#10 Understand the scope of your bike insurance policy

Last but definitely not the least – The insurance company will only honor claims within the scope of the customer’s respective bike insurance policy.

For example – If you have a third-party bike insurance cover, you cannot claim a compensation for the theft of your bike. Thus, understand the inclusions and exclusions of your bike insurance policy and file a claim only against damage covered under your bike insurance policy.

How to claim bike insurance?

To claim bike insurance, get in touch with your insurance company and ask for a claim form. Some companies allow you to download the claim form from their website. Fill the claim form duly and submit the necessary documents.

Your insurer will guide you through the process. A genuine claim is honored within 10-15 working days of raising a claim.

Renewals Are Important

To be able to claim bike insurance, it is necessary to have an insurance policy active at all times. Regularly renew your bike insurance policy. Completing two wheeler insurance renewal online is the most convenient way of staying insured.


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