Top 3 Coverages for Two Wheeler Insurance

Buying a two-wheeler implies buying convenience. It is the best way to chop traffic and reach the destination faster. But, with speed and agility, the chances of risks increase a great deal. And the ultimate way to avoid physical risk is to ride safely, but for a financial coverage insurance is the answer. Let’s begin with the Top 3 Coverages for Two-wheeler Insurance.

Which Type of Policy can be Enhanced with Add-ons?

A Comprehensive bike Insurance policy can be enhanced with Add-ons. These are available as extra coverage options. However, buying all Add-ons is not beneficial for every rider; it would unnecessarily increase the cost of an insurance policy.

What are Add-ons?

As mentioned earlier, Add-ons are additional coverage options which enhance the scope of your bike insurance policy. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a list of available options while buying or renewing a bike insurance policy.

Top 3 Coverages for Two Wheeler Insurance

Here are the top 3 Add-ons which you should buy with your two-wheeler insurance policy:

Zero Depreciation Add-on

Depreciation of a two-wheeler increases with time. It is subject to wear and tear with regular usage. Depreciation means the reduction in monetary value of a vehicle due to aging. When you raise a claim against your two-wheeler insurance policy, your insurer will first deduct a part of your claim amount under depreciation and then settle the claim for the remaining amount.

The depreciation amount could form a significant chunk of a claim amount. But, if you have a Zero Depreciation Add-on, the depreciation of your bike will not be deducted from the claim amount. Thus, you are likely to receive more amount of money, at the time of claim, with a Zero Depreciation Add-on as compared to when you do not opt for it.

Return to Invoice

This Add-on is beneficial when you are in a situation where you need to file a claim under “total loss” of your bike. Total loss of a two-wheeler is when it is damaged beyond repair or is not in a usable condition. Total loss can occur in case of theft or calamities. In such cases, you will receive the amount equal to the Insured Declared Value(IDV) of the Bike, this value reduces with time. However, if you have a Return to Invoice Cover, you will be compensated with the ex-showroom amount mentioned on the invoice of the bike. It does not include road tax and other duties paid for registering the two-wheeler.

Pillion Rider

When you buy a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy, you are covered for Own Damage i.e. cost of treating the injuries of the owner-driver and cost of repairing the insured vehicle. The policy does not cover the cost of treating injuries caused to the person sitting on the pillion of a bike.

With a Pillion Rider Add-on, you can request your insurer for extending the coverage to include the cost of treating any injuries caused to the pillion rider while using an insured bike.

When are Add-ons Beneficial?

You can buy two wheeler insurance online and it can be upgraded with Add-ons like Personal Accident Cover, Zero Depreciation Insurance Cover, Pillion Rider Cover and Accessories Cover. They provide more coverage than a basic comprehensive policy. Add-ons are beneficial when you first understand your needs and then select each one accordingly. This will reduce unnecessary expenditure. For example, if you have a history of frequent claims, you would want to buy NCB Protect Add-on which allows two claims per policy year.

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