Top things you need to know about FBS test

FBS stands for Fasting Blood Sugar. It is the test which is performed to find the level of blood sugar or simply diagnose diabetes mellitus. If you show any sign of osmotic diuresis or an elevated level of sugar in the fasting state, the test will be prescribed. When the blood sugar level at the fasting state is found elevated, it suggests diabetes mellitus. The test is carried out by collecting blood sample of the person from the veins. The blood is collected when the person has not eaten anything for 8-10 hours. You may take FBS test in the morning on an empty stomach. If the sugar level is found to be elevated and much above the normal level, then the test result is positive.

You may know that blood sugar tends to increase after an hour of eating. Just after that the sugar level declines. If the blood sugar level in the fasting state is high, it suggests diabetes or simply insulin resistance. On the other hand, the lower sugar level in the fasting state can mean the intake of diabetes medication.

Some facts on fasting blood glucose level

When you finish up your meal, naturally the sugar level rises. It keeps on increasing for an hour. To what extent the sugar level rises really depends on the meal you had. It also depends on the timing of the meal. If you eat a large meal, the sugar level will rise even more. Consuming bread items or sweetened snacks can elevate the level of sugar to a great extent. Usually when you finish your meal, pancreas secrete insulin to eliminate sugar from the blood. It actually breaks down the sugar in the blood into usable energy. The body either uses the energy or stores that up for later usage. If a person has Type 1 Diabetes, the pancreas won’t produce enough of insulin since the body attacks the cells that produce insulin. The ones with Type 2 Diabetes don’t respond to insulin fairly well. Whether one has Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, the consequence is always an increased blood sugar level.

Blood sugar level of the fasting state depends on certain factors

It all depends on what you had for the meal, the size of your meal and how much of insulin the pancreas can produce and how well the body responds to it.

The test is very vital in this respect. It acts as the window to knowing how your body manages glucose. If sugar level is high according to the test report, it suggests that your body is unable to manage or lower the sugar level. It implies insulin resistance and may be that the body is unable to produce sufficient insulin. If the sugar level is extremely lower, it just means the intake of diabetes medicines. Just like urine culture test finds out infection in urinary tract, fasting blood sugar finds elevated sugar level.

The two kinds of tests performed

In the fasting state, two kinds of tests can be performed to diagnose diabetes. It may be either the usual and traditional sugar test or the new kind of blood glucose test, namely, glycosylated hemoglobin. These tests can clearly reveal how well the body manages sugar. If the sugar level is above 126 mg/dl, it means Diabetes.

Whether it is fbs or ESR blood test, they may now be done at your home. If there is any lack of insulin, the sugar level will be high.

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