Top three affordable luxury cars from the German trio in India

In present times, where cars are much more than just a means of transportation, luxury cars have most certainly made their impact on the timeline. Anyone who knows even the tiniest bit about cars will tell you that the German trio featuring Audi, BMW and Mercedes are as good as it gets when it comes to luxury cars. Cars from the trio have demanded serious money over the past times but not anymore. With the advent of budget-friendly entry models, owning a luxury car has become easier than ever.

1.Audi A3
The Audi A3 is the baby sedan from Ingolstadt. At a starting price of just a smidge over 33 lakhs, it serves its purpose of being the entry variant into the brand exceedingly well. It is available with both FWD and AWD drivetrains, where the latter ensures all-weather drivability. The car features a peppy 2-liter turbocharged engine that produces a peak power of 186 hp. The car encapsulates the complete Audi experience very well. Owing to its small dimensions and a peppy engine the car is seriously fun to drive. The steering response is precise and direct while the gear shifts are razor sharp as well.

The story on the inside of the cabin is a happy one as well. The insides of the car are well laid out with a generous dose of feel-good materials all over the cabin. When it comes to features, it is loaded up to the gills with the latest technologies. The only major pitfall is the lack of space inside the car. Even by hatchback standards, the Audi A3 is seriously cramped, especially in the rear. Still, all things considered, it is a well-rounded car to own.

2.BMW 3 series
BMW 3 series has long been considered one of the most competitive entry-level luxury sedans in the market right now, and for good reason too. The list of trims is a long one which ensures that everybody is able to get their own pick. Being a rear-wheel drive car, having fun in the car is not too difficult at all. It is arguably one of the sportiest cars in its segment and it is sure to put a smile every time you get behind the steering. The exterior styling complements the overall persona of the car rather well too.

When it comes to interiors, the layout is simple and easy to use and is feature loaded to gills at the same time. The rear seat could`ve used some extra space but it still is good enough for 2 occupants. Ergonomic of the car is bang on and the entire feel of the car capsules you in the lap of luxury. The value for money on this car is immense, although the Indian version doesn’t have the same engines and trims on offer as the BMW 3-series sedan in the US, which is a car you would absolutely love if you are an auto-enthusiast.

3.Mercedes A-Class
The A-Class, now in its 4th generation, is a premium hatchback from the German automaker Mercedes. Over the past facelifts, the car has lost a lot of its cute and bubbly charm for a much more series persona. Partnering with the sporty persona is an enthusiast pleasing driving experience. The 221 hp engine makes enough power to please the enthusiast in everyone. The steering is precise and sharp and comes alive the moment you decide to up the ante. Shall you decide to drive conservatively, the luxurious and comfortable character of the car will spawn up.

The car handles poor road surfaces with ease and the refinement inside the cabin world class as well. Coming to the interiors, the attention to detail is exceptional as well. Elements like the AC vents and control switches look as if they`re lifted straight out of the S-class limo. The only setback here is the astronomical base price and the lack of space inside the cabin. Although the car airy enough but the cabin alignment makes it feels claustrophobic to some extent. All in all, it might be an expensive hatch but it is a great vehicle nonetheless.

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