What are solar panel coatings?

For many years individuals have been using solar panels as a dependable and cheap source of energy. Unfortunately, most individuals have not been realizing maximum benefits from their solar panels due to environmental factors such as dust and water. Once these contaminants come in contact with your solar panel they interfere with how it works. The contaminants cover the surface reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the solar cells thus preventing maximum energy production. However, the good news is that scientists have found a way of boosting your solar panel efficiency and durability by using solar panel coating.

What is a solar panel coating?

This is a special compound applied on solar panels before or after installation that helps to protect and increase the performance of the solar panel. Although, there are many products out there that are designed to protect solar panels it is highly recommended that you choose high-quality coatings such as the Solar Sharc coating. Here are some of the reasons for choosing approved and high-quality coating for your solar panels.

High repellent and long lasting

Buying a solar panel to power your business or home is a long-term investment that requires a lot of planning and funding. However, although the initial investment for installing the system may seem huge it will save you a lot of money in the long run. But, if you do not take good care of your solar panels you may not realize maximum benefits as expected. You should consider high-quality coatings such as Solar Sharc coating that will not only protect your solar panels from contaminants due to high repellent properties but will also save you money as it will boost your solar panels durability.

Anti-soiling and self-cleaning properties

A newly installed solar system tends to perform at the maximum level giving you the satisfaction you are looking for. But, as time goes dust, debris, mud, birds waste and even smoke stains start accumulating on the surface of your solar panels preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells. As this happens, your solar panel performing at 25 to 35% less. However, applying a high-quality coating with self-cleaning and anti-soiling properties you ensure that no dust, smoke stains or soil accumulating on your solar panels services thus allowing it to perform at optimal level.

Resistant to high temperatures

Solar panels are usually installed outside where they are exposed to direct sun rays. It is therefore important that you apply a coating that will not be affected even by the highest temperature in the hottest weather. A high-quality coat does not require reapplying due to hot weather and should also be transparent to ensure that sun rays pass through without interference. The coat should also be water resistant to avoid peeling off during rainy seasons.

Helps in maximizing efficiency

The main reason for installing a solar panel system is to save on energy cost. However, you need to protect your solar panels by applying high-quality coat that will prevent contaminant from accumulating on the solar panel surface as well as helping to reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. In addition to reducing cleaning costs applying a coat will help to avoid solar panel cleaning related damages.

If your solar panel system is no longer operating at the optimal level it is the high time you apply a coat. Cleaning your panel and applying a protective coating will help to restore your solar panels to their initial condition allowing them to operate as good as new.


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