What Can You Expect in Your First Visit at the Dental Office

It can be confusing about what is going to happen when you are going for your first dental appointment. Educating yourself about the process can help you to feel more comfortable when you are in the dental office. Once you know the process, you will not feel a drag to visit the dental office but it will be a fun experience for you.

Fill in the Patient Medical Form

When you first arrive, the Greenwich dentist will ask you to fill in your information in a patient medical form. After you fill in the form, a dentist will go through the information to learn about your medical and dental history. By reviewing this information, he will be able to determine what dental services you need. Sometimes, they will take a baseline blood pressure of the patient.

Caries Examination

Caries examination involve checking the surface of the teeth for decay or worn out surface on the teeth dye to chewing. Head to neck examination checks for swellings in areas like temporomandibular joint, and salivary glands. They can also check your lip for problematic symptoms like lip dryness and bleeding.

Oral Cancer Screening

Patient will undergo a detailed oral cancer screening. Equipments like Velscope is used to determine the existence of any lesion underneath the tissue of the teeth. They will also check your jaw and make sure it is not making any sound like clicking sound. They will carry out an airway exam on the patient and take a close look on the tonsil and tongue. Additional testings can be carried out if an issue is determined.

Digital X-Ray Test

Many clinics will also perform x-ray test on the patient’s teeth to find out if there is any growth underneath the teeth. Digital x-ray can also determine the teeth position and identify problem like bone loss. Following the x-ray, the dentist will start to perform a checkup on your teeth and gum to identify sign of gum disease.

Going Through the Dental Report

Every existing condition on the teeth will be recorded down on a report. After the initial test, the dentist will go through the report with you. He will discuss the findings as well as the options for addressing any issue on your gum. Some clinics will perform a tooth by tooth examination to ensure that the initial examination result is accurate.

Dental Cleaning

Next, a dental cleaning will be carried out on the patient’s teeth. The procedure aims to remove plaque that has formed around the upper and lower gum line. Brushing cannot remove the film of plaque over your teeth. It is important that these invisible films are removed promptly from your teeth as they can lead to periodontal disease.

During the cleaning procedure, the doctor will use a special instrument to scrape away the plaque. The dental practitioner can also polish your teeth with a polishing paste that has the flavor of your choice. Prompt dental cleaning allows you to maintain a professional white smile in your workplace. Dental cleaning is usually scheduled once every 6 months.

The dentist will make sure that the patient will feel comfortable during the deep cleaning. He will be opened to listening to the patient’s worry so you should not be afraid of voicing any discomfort you experience. During this time, the practitioner will also give you advice on how to maintain a healthy teeth, for example how to brush and floss your teeth.

Tooth Filling

Besides dental cleaning, you may have to undergo other dental procedures like tooth fillings. Tooth filling is necessary if you have cavities. During the tooth filling procedure, the doctor will remove the part on your teeth that has decayed. After that, the doctor will use a composite that is same color at your teeth to fill the cavity. Most of the time, the doctor will give the patient an anesthetic to remove any feeling of pain while he is filling the teeth affected with by cavities.

Personalized Dental Plan

At the end of the first visit, the dentist will create a personalized prevention plan so that you know what to do to maintain a good oral hygiene. If you have a specific concern, you can voice it to the doctor so that he can incorporate it in your dental care plan. In fact, you should be voicing all your concerns to the doctor from the beginning of the appointment so that they know what oral examination to perform.

Payments Options

The administrative staff will meet with you to discuss about the payment and cost of the dental visits. He will discuss about the scheduling of the cleanings. You will be given a quote on the dental treatment options that are applicable to you. If you have insurance, be sure to inform them and they will submit the claim to your insurance company.

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