When Rehab Is Over, There Is Someplace To Go

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Seeking help for an addiction is never easy and it can seem as though the road to recovery is a long and lonely journey. Once you get to a point at which you can leave the rehab facility, you may feel as though you’ve achieved a hollow victory. You may suddenly be left without a home to go to, knowing you can’t return to the same people and situations that triggered your substance abuse problems. It may seem impossible to start a new life, when everything seems set up to draw you back to your old ways.
Fortunately, there are places you can go, where your ambition to start a new, clean life will be understood. When you’re on a path of addiction recovery in Maryland, a structured living facility may be just what you need. By staying in a recovery house, you’ll get support similar to that which you received within rehab, but with the freedom you need to start a new journey in your life.
Typically, each recovery house is designated to service one particular gender, which benefits the residents living in each house. Additionally, the house is managed by a recovering addict as well, so you can go to him or her for support or just to have an ear of someone familiar with your struggles. Most recovery houses are within walking distance of downtown areas, so you’ll have easy access to employment opportunities and other resources. Where a recovery house is further away, they will likely be close to bus stops and other forms of public transportation.
The residents in a recovery house often bond, forming a social structure supportive of recovery and clean living. This is particularly helpful to people who may have given up old friendships, when those former acquaintances served as triggers for their substance abuse. A new community, where clean living is encouraged, may be just what you need to get your fresh start.
When you’re ready to leave a rehabilitation center and rejoin society, it helps to know there’s someplace supportive to go. While you work to get on your feet, the staff and other residents in a recovery house can give you the structure you need to continue your recovery. In this way, recovering addicts feel more positive about their future and are far less likely to return to their old substance abuse habits.

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