Why a Good Logo is Essential for Your Business 

For many new business owners, the idea of creating a logo is something on the to do list. It usually gets done without too much thought into what the logo should look like. Most logos are designed to look good and represent a relevant design for the business. But putting in more time into coming up with good logo ideas and investing more money into a great designer who really knows how to design great logos is more important than you think. Here are some reasons why a good logo is essential for your business.

1. A Good Logo Communicates Your Brand Values

A logo should be more than interesting symbols and nice colors. You have to think about how you can use your logo to communicate your brand values. If you’re trying to communicate the speed of your service, you’ll want to add some design element that represents that. Some ideas can include a trailing wind graphic and italicized typography to show movement.

If you’re trying to let your target audience know that your company is known for all natural products with no additives, you want to reflect that with a combination of nature related colors, rustic typography, and nature design elements. A good example of a logo that communicates the brand’s value effectively is Amazon’s new logo. The company is focusing on being the most customer friendly brand. To reflect that, the Amazon logo has a smile underneath the company name.

2. Unique Logos Distinguish You From the Competition

Whether you’re advertising in an offline or online medium, your competition is only a few taps away on a smartphone or a few clicks away on a computer. That’s why you have to do whatever you can to show your target audience that you are unique. While there are many things that you have to do to show that you are unique, a big part of it starts with the logo. A brand logo that is similar to the logos of your competitors gives off the impression that you’re no different from them.

To ensure that your logo is unique, research your competitors in your industry and market. You’ll often see common design patterns during your research. These are the kinds of designs you want to avoid. Of course, don’t try to create a brand logo that’s unique simply to be unique. Your logo needs to communicate your brand values, establish your identity, and be memorable.

3. A Memorable Logo Can Condition Your Audience with Positive Associations

Speaking on the last point, you want to try to create a logo that’s memorable to your audience. The reason why is because you are conditioning them to link your logo to your actions. For instance, if you are attaching your logo to your email newsletter and you are consistently delivering great content, your subscribers will attach the feeling of value and quality information to your logo.

If you are attaching your logo to your products and they’re known for their extraordinary quality, people will start to associate quality with your logo. So if they see a product they haven’t purchased yet with your logo on it, it may provide the extra push necessary to secure the sale. So when you design your logo, come up with something that’s easy for your audience to recognize. While impressive, intricate and complex logo designs can be hard to understand and remember.

4. A Good Logo Backed by a Strong Marketing Campaign Makes You Noticeable

When you are launching a marketing campaign, you want to make sure that the visual presentation has a strong role. You want to make sure your logo is prominently shown in all the marketing mediums and channels you are using. The message will often be more important than the logo. However, having your logo included in all your communication points will increase brand awareness.

You have to understand that it often takes multiple contacts for prospects to take action on your offers. At a certain point, prospects will remember that they’ve come across your logo somewhere. Your message will become far more noticeable compared to competing marketing messages that do not have a memorable logo attached. And as mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to condition your audience with various associations.

5. Your Logo is Like a Stamp of Credibility and Positive Reputation

It takes a long time for a brand to build good credibility and a strong reputation. But once you are able to do so, a lot of that brand equity will be instilled into your logo. People will automatically associate all the positive things they’ve heard about your brand with your logo. For example, even if you don’t read the New York Times, you probably have the idea that the publication reflects quality and respectable journalism.

So whenever you see a book recommended by the New York Times, you will be more inclined to learn about it due to the credibility and reputation the New York Times carries. Want a real life example? If you’ve established credibility and a good reputation for your blog, you can sign up to a reseller hosting account to promote a third party web hosting service. By using your brand logo to rebrand the reseller hosting account, it may carry more weight in the eyes of your readers.

Hopefully, these five reasons have convinced you to put more emphasis into creating a good logo. There needs to be a lot of thought and planning that goes into your logo design. You want to work with a designer that has experience designing high quality logos for their clients. Try to avoid logo designers that charge low prices and use their template collection to create a logo design as you’ll often end up unsatisfied.

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