Why Bad Writing Is Killing Your Website

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If you sell online via a website, you may well think your site hits all the marks and it’s ready to roll and bring in the sales.

Problem is, you are highly trained and experienced at what you do for a living, but without specific training and experience in online marketing, you are more than likely not getting the most from your website.

In the absence of marketing experience, most people resort to ‘Herd Marketing’, which simply means they copy what their competitors are doing.

Bad move.

Most websites also use the herd approach, so all the inefficiency and bad habits just clone across to everyone else in the niche. Unless your website is designed and written by marketing experts, it’s definitely going to fall short in many areas.

Simply doing what others do, is a completely inefficient way to approach this.

There are a ton of different proven ways to ensure your site converts your browsers into buyers. There are also tons of DIY website builders and templates that can also help you make sure your website looks good as well.

However, the thing that carries the most weight and offers the most powerful conversion boost, is your copy. And there’s not much around to help you with this.

The words you use on your website can literally make or break your results and you have to learn how to make them count.

So if you’re going to spend time learning something that will dramatically improve your marketing results, make sure it’s your copy.

Otherwise, your copy will always hold your website’s success back.

Here are 3 very important reasons why bad copy can kill your website:

You’ll Lose Visitors

People read your copy.

They might not read every single word. They might just scan various sections, but they still read your copy.

If your copy is riddled with errors and spelling mistakes, you’ll lose trust with your visitors.

Bad copy and mistakes make it seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about – or that the product or services you offer aren’t legitimate. If they can’t trust you, they’ll leave.

It’s Bad for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is what gets your website found on search engines like Google. To rank higher on search engines, (and get more visitors to your website!) you need to follow good SEO practices.

Search engines are built to rank the most relevant and useful sites at the top of their results. After all, if users can’t find the exact thing they’re looking for, why would they bother using the search engine?

So, most SEO practices are based around ensuring your site does this. Your copy plays a key role in this.

Firstly: your website will be rewarded for unique and original content. This is because if another website already exists with the same content, they have no reason to index your page because it doesn’t offer anything new.

However, if you use bad copy techniques like keyword stuffing, your website will be penalised.

This is where you use the same keyword over and over within the copy to try and rank higher for that keyword. So, for instance, if you wanted to rank for the “Pink Paint”, it would mean putting “pink paint” into as many sentences as possible, even if it doesn’t make sense.

It’s also incredibly distracting and, pink paint, will stop users from interacting with the content. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

It Doesn’t Convert

Your web copy isn’t there to fill a space on your website. It’s your chance to sell your product and services and really convince your users to take action.

Tell your users why they need your product or service. Tell them why your business is different – and the place they should buy from. Tell them the useful information they need before they can make a purchase. Tell them what the benefits are and most importantly, what’s in it for them.

Your copy needs to be informative, engaging and relevant. If it’s not, you’re missing the extra push you need to get your visitors to convert.

3 Expert Tips for Successful Copy

Ready to prevent bad writing from ruining your website? Here’s are some tips to make your copy succeed.

1: Don’t Ignore Your Headlines

80% of readers never make it past the headline. That’s an astounding figure.

Your headline is there to grab attention. To lure your visitors and make them read the first sentence.

Done right, it won’t be long until your visitors have read through the entire copy and are ready to buy.

There’s no exact formula for a good headline. But it should be stand out, be persuasive and force your visitors to pay attention.

Headlines like “Welcome To Our Website” or “IT Services” just don’t cut it. Make them more engaging and unique – and use these for some inspiration:

  • Get Mouth-Watering Fresh Food Delivered To Your Door
  • Your Computer Expertly Fixed In Under An Hour
  • Double Your Profits With Our Guaranteed Marketing Plans

2: Use Tools to Check Your Copy

English and grammar not your strong suit? Don’t worry about it. You don’t need to be an expert to write good copy and there are tools you can use to help you out.

Firstly, Grammarly will be your best friend when it comes to spelling and grammar. The free version of the app will check all your writing, underlining any mistakes. It’ll even help you spot when you’ve used the wrong word, like too, two or to.

Online tools like Hemingway are also great for analysing your sentence structure. Colour coding your words, they’ll help you stay away from long and complex copy that’s difficult to read.

3: Use the Experts

Using a DIY website builder for your business?

Although this is a great way to quickly and easily get your business online, the downside is that you’re on your own when it comes to design and copy. So, there’s no one there to prevent you from making common mistakes or guide you when you need assistance.

If you need an extra hand, it might be worth hiring a freelance copywriter to write your website. Websites like Upwork andFiverr exist as a quick and easy way to get someone to write the copy you need.

Want it all done for you? Adzooma offers bespoke web pageswritten, designed and developed by experts with a proven history of increasing conversions.

Increase Your Conversions with Great Copy

Website copy is incredibly important to improve the performance of your website.

It builds trust. It shows that you’re the experts and gives visitors valuable information they need.

But more importantly, it allows you to really convince your visitors why they should buy your product or service – increasing your conversions and profits.

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