Why Should the 4Cs Influence Your Choice of Diamond Ring?

Diamonds are often called the tears of the gods or the fragments of fallen stars. They are linked with love and romance and the engagement rings are often diamond rings. While diamond rings are always appreciated for their emotional quotient and brilliance and people love to wear it, it’s not always easy to pick the right ring.

To make the right choice of diamond ring, a person should be aware of the 4Cs of this precious stone. They are very important not only for gauging the quality of diamond but also acts as a common and universal language between the vendors, shoppers and makers all across the globe.

The four Cs stand for cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Let’s see how each of this C impacts the diamond rings.


Cut is the most important of four Cs that creates the sparkle and fire in your diamond ring. A wrong cut can make even a high-quality diamond look dull and lifeless. The right cuts let the light reflect back to top properly creating the sparkle specific to diamond. If the cut gets deep, light escapes from sides, while a too shallow cut makes the light leak out through the bottom. In both the cases, diamonds lose their sparkle appearing dull. A wrong cut can also make the diamond appear smaller than it actually is. Thus, one should not compromise on this Cs. Opt for the best quality cut that your budget allows.


After the sparkle of the diamond ring, something that gains the attention of the eye is the colour of this precious stone. When we talk of colour, the less is more in case of a diamond. It means the less the colour you can see, the higher is the colour grade. Any grade of H or higher is considered good with D graded as absolutely colourless. If you are buying a solitaire, you should definitely go for E or F, which are considered colourless, while for smaller multi-stone rings you can even go with G and H colour. The better the grade you opt for, the costlier it gets.


Clarity is something that an untrained eye cannot really notice. It is more to do with the diamond traders who value diamonds based on the blemishes present on the surface or the tiny imperfections called inclusions. As these inclusions are microscopic, they don’t really affect the diamond’s beauty when viewed by a naked eye. For a layman, getting a certificate, which states SI1 or better for smaller stones of less than 50 cents and VS1 or higher in larger stones is recommended.


Carat is the last of the 4Cs and the most misunderstood too. Often people take it for diamond size when it actually refers to its weight. The size is impacted more by the cut. If you take two same Carat diamonds with different cuts, they will show a significant size difference. In case of a Carat, you should follow the policy of ‘Buy Shy’. It means instead of going with round figures like 1 Carat, go for 1.9-carat weight. This 0.1 size difference is never noticed, but the impact it makes on price is huge.

Now that you know how the 4Cs influence your choice of diamond rings or any diamond jewellery, you will be able to make the right choice.

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