Why Your Business Needs Custom Mailer Boxes

Today’s internet savvy generation loves online shopping. As such, with this escalating trend of shopping online, more and more retailers are now doing business over the internet. However, whether you sell products in a physical store or customers buy it online through websites, packaging remains an integral part of every business. To stay ahead of the competitors, product packaging plays a significant role in every industry.

From electronics to clothing, packaging serves the primary purpose of protecting your product during shipping. The use of packaging, however, is not confined to safety purpose only. An attractive product packaging helps in eliciting a positive impression from your customers and builds your brand identity. To ensure proper shipping and a great unboxing experience for consumers, businesses are opting for custom printed cardboard boxes. In fact, custom printed boxes have become fundamental to modern shipping, branding and customer engagement efforts.

If you’re still using a standard brown box to ship your products, you’re likely lagging behind in the competition. Custom product packaging with your company name and logo has numerous benefits that actually outweigh the additional investment. A custom mailer box not only perfectly fit your products but also takes your branding to a whole new level by furthering your presence in the marketplace.

What are Custom Mailer Boxes?

As the name suggests, custom mailer boxes are custom-sized, rigid mailing boxes. These boxes are customized with your company logo and designed to perfectly fit your products. The box comes with hinged lids that can be completely customized for shipping. These boxes are crafted in all sizes and different shapes for your exact shipping needs. Now, as you know what custom mailer boxes exactly are, many other questions may also hit your mind. While considering the use of custom mailer boxes, business owners often ask questions like, what type of design is right, how much will it cost, and what are the benefits of custom packaging? Here we’ll explain all these basic questions.

What type of design is right?

Unlike a plain cardboard box, custom printed boxes feature your brand name and logo. With custom mailer boxes, you have limitless options to design and print boxes from outside, as well as, inside. You can choose any color and design to display your brand image. Since custom packaging is used to increase brand awareness, the design should effectively communicate your goal to your target customers.

How much it cost?

The biggest concern of business owners is the cost involved in adopting a custom mailer box for packaging. The goal of every business is to maximize profit which requires keeping expenditures to a minimum. However, for increasing sales, investment in custom packaging never goes wasted. The cost of custom mailer boxes is determined by the design, size, quality of material used, and quantity of boxes to be printed.

What are the benefits of custom packaging?

Great packaging helps in maintaining a consistent image of the business. Delivering products in plain brown boxes fails in creating a bond between the product and the customer. Nowadays, people share their unboxing experience on social media. A great custom box catches the attention of your potential customers who might get impressed with your attractive packaging. By printing your box both outside and inside, consumers get a positive opening experience. Moreover, a custom printed cardboard box with an image or logo helps in reinforcing a brand.

Since every product varies in size and shape, one size cannot fit every item. A custom sized box gives the best protection to products during shipping. Using the same standard box for shipping all your products is not only inefficient but also costly. This is because if the product doesn’t properly fit in the box, you’ll need filler material which will also increase the shipping weight. Considering all these benefits, it’s the wisest decision to invest in custom mailer boxes.


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